Experience the nature - special offer for families

The Milk Experience Trail starts at the tourist information office in Usseln, Sportstrasse 7. Here you can pick up the accompaning quiz, if you haven't downloaded it already.

The trail takes you along the Diemel and the former ski jumping hill in Usseln. If you like, you can also take the small footpath through the Lohwald which takes you back on the main trail. You pass the "Ententeich" where you can have a short break at the playground. The first interactive activity station you find next to the "Pön Hütte". It is a water game. Helma provides information about the basics of agriculture. Frome here you walk to the Diemelquelle and the next acitivty station. Here you can hit different cowbells and make some noise!

Following the marked trail uphill you find the next station called "Everything's cheesy". You can arm yourself with spruce cones and throw them through the cheese holes. Only some few metres further uphill you see the Graf Stolberg Hütte, the next stop. Here you have a marvellous view over the "Sauerländer" hills. Enjoy your break and take a look at the "Heustadl cinema". Short videos are providing interesting insights into agriculture.

Leave the Graf Stolberg Hütte and take the trail left hand, it is called the panorama Pönweg. At the next station you can use a telescope to look for the cows and answer a further quiz question. Shortly after the station you pass the ski slope and in August you can pick some blue berries along the way. Delicious and very healthy!

At the end of the panorama trail you can take a selfie at the photo point. The last station before you walk downhill to the final destination the Upländer Bauernmolkerei, invites you to jump on the trampoline. After a further kilometre you've made it! In the milk café, you can find out historical, fascinating and tasty facts about milk. When you hand in your quiz, you will receive a refreshing prize.

Have fun on the diversified theme trail providing a lot of information about agriculture and milk!

Here you find the GPS data of the Milk Experience Trail Download.

You need a more exact trail description and further map or navigation material?
Please have a look at the Outdooractive portal of the  Tourist Information Willingen.