1. Start

Let's start at the tourist information office in Willingen-Usseln, Sportraße 7.
The Milk Experience Trail is introduced on the board.



2. Water game

Information board "Basics of agriculture".

Next to the Pön Hütte located at the skilift Kahler Pön there is a water game. You will learn how many litres water a cow needs per day.



3. Cowbell game

Information board "From grass to milk"

At the Diemelquelle you can hit the cowbells and make some noise. You learn more about the process from grass to milk.


4. "Everthing's cheesy"

Information board "Milk price"

Opposite the Diemelquelle you arm yourself with spruce cones and throw them through the cheese holes. The board will tell you about the costs involved in milk production.


5. "Heustadl-cinema"

Information board "Agriculture in Germany"

Come into the cinema! Short videos providing interesting insights into agrigulture. You can read about the role agriculture plays in Germany.


6. "Where is the cow?"

Information board "Agriculture is important for preserving our countryside"

On your way back you can use a telescope at the next stop to look for the cows and answer a quit question. How many cows do you see? On the board, Helma explains why agriculture is so important for preserving our beautiful countryside.



7. "Say cheeeese"

Photo point at the Pön Panoramaweg

You are part of the motive of the photo wall! Next the the wall you have a marvellous view on Usseln through a further photo frame.



8. Cow pat trampoline

Information board "Personal ID's for cows"

After some nice photo spots and great views, you can jump for joy on the trampoline! Helma will explain on the information board why cows need a personal ID.



9. Upländer Bauernmolkerei (Dairy"

"You've made it"

In the museum café of the Upländer Bauernmolkerei, you can find out historical, fascinating and tasty facts about milk. When you hand in your quiz, you will receive a refreshing prize. (The prize is for children up to 14 years. Only one quiz sheet per child.)