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Milk Experience Trail Usseln
A project of the Gemeinde Willingen (Upland) following an idea of a local economical interest group.
This project is funded by the European Agriculture Funds for Rual Development.
Here, Europe invests in rual areas.

Gemeinde Willingen (Upland)
Dieter Pollack
Waldecker Straße 12
34508 Willingen (Upland)
Tel.: (0 56 32) 40 11 64


Concept, Content Management, Implementation

Responsible for concept and content management:
marketing <<<>>>wilke
Iris Wilke-Frank, 34508 Willingen-Usseln

Implementation and technical support:
Jeske EDV-Service
Matthias Jeske, 34508 Willingen

Photo copyrights:
I. Wilke-Frank, Birgit Göbel, Projekt Landschnuppern, Y-Site, adobestock, mr-kartographie, Landesvereinigung Milch Hessen,  Juni 2020